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КПД УЗ - программное обеспечение и услуги в области грузовых перевозок
Ассоциации международных экспедиторов Украины
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
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Forwarding Company "TRANS-MAGISTR" (till the year of 2001 known as "TREST-MAGISTR") has been working at the market of forwarding services since 1996. Since 1998 it has been a member of the Association of the International Forwarding Agents of Ukraine. Our company has wide experience of organizing of the international shipping operations by the railway of Ukraine and CIS.

Long-term cooperation and direct contractual relationship with all the railway administrations as well as with the administration of "UKRZALIZNYTSIA", in respect of arranging domestic, export-import freight traffic and transit activities, let to provide co-ordination and permission to organize traffic, to pay for all the necessary tariffs and taxes quickly, in an appropriate manner, with minimal material, financial losses and waste of time, to interfere timely in the course of transportation (upon the customer's application or in case of the cars' or cargos' delay at the intermediate and port stations, and en route) at all the railway stations of Ukraine.

Our company has accumulated considerable experience of direction of the railway transport to/ from Europe through the western border of Ukraine on Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

Supervisory control and search of cars over the CIS and Baltic countries, which the company has always paid a great attention to, period contracts with Information-Calculating Centers of the railways, as well as with the Main Information-Calculating Center of "UKRZALIZNYTSIA" and Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, using of a unique software product "ТMcard", a great number of tracking cars, high quality dispatcher stuff, allow our company to render services of supervisory control (en route, permanently), to give one-time information about location and search of cars, prices favorable for the customer with a high level of service and quality of work.

Individual approach of the company "TRANS-MAGISTR" to every client is a guarantee of high quality and effectiveness of our service.